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My relationship with the landscape perhaps stems from growing up in Cheshire, family walks were a common occurrence. As a young art student I would retrace some of my favourite walks on my own, observing and trying to discover what interested me and how to portray it. I did my degree at Cheltenham and Gloucester College of Art, much of the work I developed was from a huge number of drawings I made whilst walking the Sandstone Trail. My final show was a series of big 5ft square abstract paintings (oil on canvas).

Following my degree I became a secondary school Art teacher.

My work has been centred on the relationship between water and the land, family holidays in Cornwall have inspired a series of work developed from drawings and paintings produced from observation. I find the dramatic nature of the sea and the continually changing beach surface exciting. I like the fact that I have to work quickly and decisively as the light and water levels change rapidly; take too long and I have a confused and laboured study. I am particularly interested in the reflections in the pools of water, the marks and textures left by the tide, the relationship between colours.

It has always been an important part of the process of developing my ideas to work with a variety of media and techniques, such as printmaking, collage watercolour, inks. for me this time spent investigating is vital for creating successful paintings.

In the last couple of years I have started working from the Sandstone Trail again, I envisage revisiting this beautiful landscape more regularly as I dedicate more of my time to painting.

You can follow the journey of my developing work on my facebook page

1989 - Art Foundation at West Cheshire College of Art & Design. Distinction

1989 - 1992 - BA (Hons) Fine Art - Cheltenham & and Gloucester College of Art - 2:1

1992 -1993 - PGCE in Art @ Liverpool John Moores University

1993 - present day - Teacher of Art and Photography (Secondary)

2018 - Member of the Arts committee   at Castle Park Arts Centre, Frodsham



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