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On Canvas

I get much of my inspiration from my local landscape, particularly Spurstow and The Sandstone Trail. The Sandstone Trail is a 34 mile footpath from Whichurch to Frodsham in Cheshire. It has been a source of inspiration that I have revisited regularly over the years, it played an important part in the work I produced during my degree course and it holds many childhood memories. 

It is a changeable landscape with high sandstone ridges, dense woodland, undulating pathways, sheer drops and wide open aerial views. The drama in this landscape is the changing levels, horizons and viewpoints. I get very preoccupied with the linear qualities of the trees, the colours and textures of the foliage and the contours of the land.

New Holding Back
Gorse Up on the Bank (2)
SOLD 'Buttercups and Cow Parsley'
SOLD Field of Chicory
SOLD 'Buttercups and Cow Parsley (2)'
'View from Sandstone Trail towards Burwardsley
'Musket's Hole, Autumn'
'Buttercups and Fireweed'
'Top of Musket's Hole'
'Gorse Up on the Bank'
'Gorse Behind the Fence'
Through the Alliums - Commission
Nestled - Commission
Glimpse - Commission
Cheshire on Canvas: Gallery
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