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On Canvas

My seascapes have been developed from drawings and paintings produced from observation in Cornwall. I love the dramatic nature of the sea and the continuously changing beach. I like the fact that I have to work quickly and decisively as the light and water levels change rapidly; take too long and you have a confused and laboured study. I am particularly interested in how the land meets the water, the reflections in the pools of water, the marks and textures left by the tide. It is a real challenge to capture the drama of the wind and the sea, and the ever changing light.

NEW Porthcurno, Spring
NEW 'Daffodil Path to Lamorna'
NEW Between Storms, St Ives
Purple Rocks Beneath Turquoise Pools
Charging Tide reworked.jpg
slow retreat reworked
'Sun Twinkling on the Receding Camel'
'They Keep on Rolling In'
'Crashing Waves'
'Seaweed Stones and Pools at Your Toes
'Nestled in the Purple Rocks'
'What Lies Beneath'
'Receding Tide'
Seaweed, Rocks and Pools at My Toes
Cornwall: Gallery

On Paper

Cornwall: Gallery
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